Reflections of the Irish Shoreline


Reflection No. 1Reflection No. 2Reflection No. 3Reflection No. 4Reflection No. 5Reflection No. 6Reflection No. 7Reflection No. 8Reflection No. 9Reflection No. 10Reflection No. 11Reflection No. 12Reflection No. 13Reflection No. 14Reflection No. 15Reflection No. 16Reflection No. 17Reflection No. 18Reflection No. 19Reflection No. 20Reflection No. 21Reflection No. 22Reflection No. 23Reflection No. 24Reflection No. 25Reflection No. 26Reflection No. 27Reflection No. 28Reflection No. 29Reflection No. 30Reflection No. 31Reflection No. 32Reflection No. 33Reflection No. 34Reflection No. 35Reflection No. 36


Artist’s Statement:

The images in this series form a kaleidoscope of nature and human culture, revealing alternating patterns of decaying seaweeds entangled with discarded fishing gear.


Honors and Awards: